FILLERMOR VEGTAN WS is a vegetable tanning agent extracted from sorted young fruits of Divi - Divi, belonging to the pyrogallol group. It is used for retanning agent for wide range of leathers and is particularly recommended for automotive and domestic upholstery and high quality leathers.

The main characteristics are:

· It doesn’t give iron stains (Non Sensitive to Iron)

· Good  Light fastness

· Pale, clean colour

· Brilliant dye shades

· Good filling action with a tight, fine grain.

· Fine milled particle size

· Prevents the formation of chrome VI production and storage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Appearance : Very fine, white coloured powder

Chemical character              : Pyrogallol tannin (Divi Divi)

pH ( 10 % Soln.) : 3 - 5

Solubility : Soluble (slightly hazy)

Moisture content : Max.  8 %

Light fastness : Good

LD – 50 Value : 2125 mg



FILLERMOR VEGTAN WS is readily soluble in water and can be added directly to the process Vessel as a powder in the normal way.

The main advantage of FILLERMOR VEGTAN WS in comparison with commonly used vegetable tannins such as mimosa, chestnut or quebracho have much better light fastness. It also gives clear and more brilliant dye shades.

When used in the retanning of chrome tanned leathers, FILLERMOR VEGTAN WS imparts fullness and tightness with a smooth and fine grain. It is ideal vegetable tannin for use in the retannage of car upholstery leather where its properties of light fastness combined with a level dyeing and grain tightness combine to excellent effect.


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